*80%Goes directly to helping widows in Uganda. 10%goes to IPHC



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Welcome to Frank Decks shop.
Here you can buy limited production prints, and other merchandise.

widow holding necklace
Buy necklace with print: $50

This purchase includes a hand made necklace, and a signed / numberd print. The necklace was made by widows in a small town outside Jinja Uganda. They are made from rolled up newspaper and magazines. The craftsmanship is amazing. The print is a high qualiry signed and numbered post card. The image is of a widow who helped to make the necklaces.

We will have a catalog of prints soon. Only 200 will be printed!

look for our online catalog of available runs. And one of a kind a prints!

To buy prints from Uganda click Here
If you had a photo shoot with Frank and would like prints. First make sure you are logged in. If you do not have a log in, or are still have problems please e-mail info@frankdeck.com
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